"Balansgången mellan den äldres rätt och anhörigas rätt är inte alltid så lätt" Biståndshandläggares upplevelse av samverkan med anhöriga inom äldreomsorgen "The balance between the rights of the elderly and the rights of the relatives are not always easy" Executive officials experience of the cooperation with relatives within the care of the elderly

  • Helena Lantz Selind
  • Marie Åkerblom

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The aim of our study has been to come to an understanding of how the executive officials within the care of the elderly experience the cooperation with relatives to elderly people who is in need and apply for public home help according to the law of social services. Our expectation of this study is that we gain an increased insight how they as executive officials manage this cooperation situations. The method we used in this study has a qualitative research approach. This design was chosen as the most appropriate approached to illuminate and exploring the experience of the executive officials. Nine executive officials has described their experience in this matter in an interview were we both participate. The theories we used are the theory of cooperation and the theory of communications. The result was analyzed and has been categorized in; Relatives part in the cooperation with the executive officials; The executive officials part in the cooperation with the relatives; The executive officials dilemma in the cooperation with the relatives; The model of organisation with the New Public Management design. The findings show in the analyses that the executive officials were on the whole satisfied with the cooperation with the relatives. The executive officials saw the relatives as a resource in the way of an information source. Our conclusion is that the executive officials saw the relatives to elderly people in need as an important resource. This both for the elderly people and for the executive officials in the needs assessment process. But their relation wasn’t always with out conflicts. These situations show often of the executive officials professional approach throw their ways of handle this conflicts and their comprehension for the relatives situation.


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