Barnets talan - en studie om beaktandet av barnperspektiv i den svenska Migrationsdomstolen
: / The voice of a child - a study regarding a child perspective in the Migration Court of Law in Sweden

  • Linda Nemes
  • Zandra Ahnstedt

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The following essay examines the conditions of whether a child perspective is recognised in the second authority of the new Swedish asylum process, the Migration Court of Law and inquire into the viewpoint of these decision makers as to what a child perspective in this context represents.

    The method used was a qualitative study that contained interviews with eight respondents, divided into four judges and four jurors. The material gained from the respondents was then analysed by using theories regarding a child perspective and theories that deal with interpretation of a text, ethics and court sociology.

    A few conditions of whether a child perspective is recognised has been revealed and we also found that the child perspective in theory is a wide perspective, that includes many aspects of how a child is recognised. In practice, however, the child perspective can be divided into two separate perspectives where one of them involves an adults view of a child’s perspective, and the other involves the perspective of a child, the child’s own view of its existence and perceived reality.


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