Barnfetma - sjuksköterskans roll vid behandling/Child obesity - the nurse’s role during treatment

  • Charolina Hallberg
  • Marie Rydh

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Obesity is one of the biggest threats to child- and adolescent health. The amount of obese children is today increasing more in Sweden than in the US. This may in a couple of years have bad consequences for the Swedish children’s quality of life. When a child suffers from obesity it is a big stress on the body and can lead to serious consequences in adulthood. An effective treatment in the early stages is important to prevent further obesity to develop. Purpose: The aim of this study was to bring forward the nurse role during treatment of obese children. Method: A literature study was performed and suitable articles were searched for in different Internet databases of which the result is based on. Result: The result is based on four main categories: inform and educate, recommend and motivate, follow up and co-operation. The result showed that nurses need to develop co-operation with the children’s parents. It is also important that the nurse motivates the children, especially the older ones to change their eating habits and increase their physical activity. Discussion: The nurse’s duty during treatment of child obesity needs to be clarified by for example increased education. The whole family needs to be involved for a succesful change of the child’s eating and physical habits.


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