Barnlitteraturens möjligheter - en studie av föräldrasamverkan i förskolans jämställdhetsarbete

  • Emelie Fransson
  • Sara Flintzberg

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The purpose with this essay is to examine how principals, teachers and parents look at a possible cooperation between preschool-teachers and parents regarding the promoting of gender equality, with children's literature as a tool. The literature documentation presents theories concerning the application of gender and the gender-order in society as well as the influence society has on children’s development of a gender-identity. Parent’s participation in the gender equality-work in preschool describes, as well as its significance. Various definitions of the words “gender” and “gender equality” presents. A presentation of gender portray in children’s books follow. The significance of processing books and different methods in doing that describes. In this qualitative study semi structured interviews have been used on seven informants with different types of connection to preschool. Two of the informants are principals, three are preschool-teachers and the two remaining are parents. Result and analysis of this study show that the gender aspect is hard to ignore. The informants believe it is important that adults begin questioning themselves and come to terms with their own behavior towards children. Children’s literature need to be critically studied from a gender equality point of view, which isn’t being done today. Teachers have to be more aware of the gender equality work before parents can participate. In conclusion, the majority of the informants think positively of an advanced cooperation between parents and teachers. Different suggestions presents regarding how this work could take place in practice.


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