Barns tidiga skrivande - En studie om förhållningssätt till barns tidiga skriftspråksförsök i förskolan

  • Caroline Svensson
  • Nilla Andersson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    According to the Läroplan för förskolan, Lpfö 98, are pre-schools suppose to introduce the written language and embrace childrens curiosity about the ability to communicate with the written language. The purpose with this research is therefor to study the attitudes of pre-school teachers towards three- to five years olds writing and also to shred some light over which role teachers and other adults have when children learn to write. The earlier research contains different theories about how children in pre-schools conquer the written language and the teachers role in this process. Teachers attitudes towards and thoughts about childrens early writing could be made visible through interviews with teachers who all currently work at pre-schools. The results indicate that pre-school teachers have different attitudes towards childrens early attempts to write. Their attitude is connected to their basic pedagogy outlook which effects the teachers in all aspects of their work. The results also shows that pre-school teachers and other adults play an important role in the childrens development towards being a person who can write. By letting the children play their way to new knowledge and treat them in a positive way teachers and other adults benefits the childrens development.


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