Barns upplevelser av att vårdas på sjukhus

  • Agneta Hallberg
  • Jessica Lindberg

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    Background: When children are admitted to the hospital most of them experience a new and unknown world. The staff’s most important task is to reach out to the child in the best way possible. To give good nursing, knowledge has to be gathered of how the child thinks, feels and what the child wants. Aim: The aim of this study was to describe children’s experience of hospitalization on the basis of the four nursing concepts person, health, environment and nursing. Method: The study is based on a systematic literature review. Eleven articles were included in the study. A content analysis was made with a deductive method were the result was categorised into the four main categories on the basis of Travelbees nursing theory. Findings: The presence of parents, fears and anxiety in the child, the importance of the physical environment and the staff’s way of treating the child were all important factors that emerged in the findings, based on the theory. Conclusion: Children must be invited to dialogue and to the teamwork with the healthcare personnel after their own ability and development. It is important to listen to what the individual child wants. To care for patients after the four nursing concepts covers the emotional and physical needs that the patient has.


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