Bemötande av aggressiva patienter inom psykiatrisk vård - en litteraturstudie

  • Jeanette Rosenberg
  • Charlotte Stridsberg
  • Anna Weberberger

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Most acts of violence in a psychiatric ward are directed towards the nursing staff. Aggressive behaviour often stems from feelings of frustration and powerlessness in patients while committed and therefore having limited liberties. To avoid an escalation of a hostile situation, it is important that the nursing staff applies the kind of encounter that will yield a positive outcome. Aim: The aim of this literary study is to elucidate the possible encounter the nursing staff can apply when encountering a hostile patient in psychiatric care. Method: The literary study is based on twelve scientific articles. The articles were analysed by means of content analysis in which different categories emerged and were subsequentially labelled. Result: The study resulted in three main category labels and six sub-category labels. The main category labels are: Situation Adaption and Flexibility, Creating Assurance and The Importance of Self-Determination.

    Conclusion: More time and resources are needed for training nursing personnel in psychiatric care to adapt to situations and rely on their own abilities and knowledge.


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