Bemötande av självskadebeteende ur omvårdnadspersonalens perspektiv
: En litteraturstudie.

  • Kirsten Andersson
  • Sara Follrud

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Patients with self-harm seek hospital care when something traumatic occurred. Self-harm was a way to cure pain and was expressed overdose, cutting, or by swallowing objects. They described that the staff were derisive, didn’t show empathy and engagement. Aim: The aim was to describe factors that effects staffs answer to self-harm behaviour through their perspective. Method: A literature review search has been carried out. Based from the aim a search in different databases was made. The articles were analyzed, were identified, coded and sorted in categories. Result: The result was presented in five categories. The result indicates that factors like biases and lack of contingency was a common response by the staff. Factors like support and training were essential factors to make the personnel get positive attitude towards self-harm behaviour. Discussion: The refutation of self-harm behaviour could improve by Watson’s theory, training and supervision. By asking the right questions, be supportable and honest the staff could reduce their negative attitude. Conclusion: Staff needs more knowledge regarding their own way of acting, understanding and knowledge of self-harm in order to be able to face patients in a professional way.


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