Beteendeproblematik utifrån ett klientperspektiv "Behavioural problems from a clients perspective"

  • Lena Franzen Ewaldz
  • Mikael Sjögren

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen



    Behavioural problems are a compound conception for emotional difficulties at different levels. Individuals with behavioural problems could have difficulties with social relations, low self-esteem, anxiety and worry.

    The purpose with the examination was to describe how clients apprehend their behavioural problems and what they consider could be the causes of it.

    The examination was based on the qualitative interviews with 5 clients and a professional helper. We came in contact with our clients through our practice. The results showed that the clients experienced their behavioural problems as a hidden handicap in various ways. Our clients were aware of their problems but they kept it to themselves.

    One of the difficulties that behavioural problems can lead to are problems in the social relations. The clients consider them selves to have succeeded in dealing with their situation in a satisfying way and believe their future to be positive.

    Keywords: Behavioural problems, growth, mental health, future prospect, parent/child relation, substance abuse, a parent psychological illness, low self-esteem, emotional difficulties, attachment theory.


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