Den ojämlika kommunikationen – regel eller undantag? En studie av några elevers uppfattningar om kommunikation och interaktion med lärare

  • Rebecka Edström
  • Anna-Matilda Larsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    In a classroom it is important that interaction between a teacher and a student works or else the communication between them will be lost or come to harm. In the interaction between teacher and student it is important that both of them respect each other, take the necessary responsibility and cooperate. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how the students per-ceive the communication in the classroom with their teachers and how the interaction be-tween teachers and students affects the communication. We have made interviewed with stu-dent in high school concerning their opinion of how interaction and communication work be-tween teachers and students. Our method is qualitative and we used open-ended questions. The students assert that interaction and communication between teacher and student quite often work in the classroom.


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