"Det är inget fel på dig!" - en kvalitativ studie om upplevelser av stöd hos kvinnor med diagnosen vestibulit

  • Linda Fjällrot
  • Lina Jönsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Documents and legislation inform us that parts of the public health service of Sweden, at a political level, aim to support people’s sexual health. Statistics show there has been an increase among young woman, seeking help for sexual pain during intercourse. The diagnosis that the media has come to observe lately is vulvar vestibulitis. In general there is a lack of knowledge about the existence of this state of pain and its causes, which impacts woman to get appropriate help and support in time. Aim: The aim of the study was to investigate the experience of support among women with the diagnosis vulvar vestibulitis. Material and Method: Qualitative research interviews were used together with information and discussion from Vestibulit.com, an internet web community for woman with vulvar vestibulitis. The reason for using two methods was to collaborate more information for a broader perspective. Result: The result has showed that support is highly influential in reaching good sexual health. When and how the support sets in, together with understanding people in the surroundings, are highlighted as some of the most meaningful factors that the participants have emphasized. Vestibulit.com can be seen as an informative resource for the woman and gives them possibilities to exchange experiences and knowledge with each other. Conclusion: Our study has shown that there is a strong need for more knowledge and resources of the diagnosis vulvar vestibulitis, so that woman can be treated and supported in time. Through accurate health promotion woman with this kind of pain problem can expect more positive sexual health and a state of wellbeing.


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