Det är väl inte så farligt, eller? Om tonårsflickors tankar och åsikter kring narkotika

  • Adriana Jörnestål
  • Sandra Olsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen



    The purpose of this study was to increase the knowledge of teenage girls thoughts and opinions about narcotics. We used a qualitative method and collected information by interviews. During the past years different studies shows that the desire to try narcotics has increased among teenagers. Teenagers are trying hard to find their identity which is shaped among people that they have a close relationship to. During this time friends has big influence when they experiment with different kind of styles. In the group they feel that they belong somewhere.

    This study showed that the majority of the teenage girls had a restrictive attitude to narcotics. It also appeared that the girls were curious to try narcotics. According to the them this curiousity was individual and they clearly expressed that they didn’t feel any influence from their friends.


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