Dimensioneringen av revisionens budget

  • Belma Hadzic
  • Annethe Larsson
  • Teresa Roslund

Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


This study represents the different factors that may have an influence on the budgetproposal in the local government for the revision. The revision in the local government is an important part of councillors and public insight into the different activities. The budget for revision decides how much of the activities runned by the local government can be observed by the elected representative accountant. The aim of the study is to see how the following variable affect the dimension of the budget appointed for revision. We have used Institutional theory, theory that contains the role-play between guardians and advocates and Agent theory with help of accountability.

The dissertation is written in Swedish.


Nationell ämneskategori

  • Juridik (505)

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