Egenvårdskapacitetens inverkan på välbefinnandet hos personer som lever med stomi / Self-care agencies affect on the well-being for people living with a stoma

  • Ewa Gustavsson
  • Sara Lanner

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Most of the stoma-operated persons must work themselves through difficult feelings. The task for the nurse is to deliver a care that promotes as much independence as possible. The aim of this literature review was to illuminate how the self-care agencies affect the well-being for the persons who are operated for stoma. A systematic literature study was done based on eleven scientific studies. Three categories, which describe how self-care agencies affect the physical, psychological and social well-being, are presented in the result. When a person who is operated for a stoma has problems to handle their self-care the caregivers need to offer a care that strengthens the self-care agency of the person. Most of these persons learn by time to handle bodily problems to achieve a physical well-being. However, a lot of persons experience larger difficulties to handle feelings such as fear, anxiety and reduced sexual self-confidence. If the caregivers become more conscious about how they can help persons to handle this problems the total well-being will increase. The caregivers must be aware on that this is a slow process and that their treatment and availability play an important part in achieving this.


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