Elevers upplevelser av extra anpassad skolidrott- en intervjustudie

  • Lisa Lindgren
  • Sofia Borglin

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The Swedish curriculum says that the education will adapt and take notice of every child’s individual condition and needs. Every child has the right to development, to feel the happiness of growing and to experience satisfaction of making progress and overcome difficulties. In every class it is often children who need adapted physical education. The earlier these children can get support and practice, the bigger the chance is that they will catch up. The aim with our study was to investigate pupil’s experiences of adapted physical education to se if it worked as a supporting environment for health and well-being. We interviewed eight children that took part of adapted physical education and also their teacher. We assume that the children opened up at the adapted physical education and got more space to show what they could do. They were able to develop in their own pace and the teacher allowed them to take the time they needed. The results of our study can be used as a basis to bring out the sense of physical education in different levels and how you can work with it in a more salutogenic and holistic way.


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