En högskola för alla? En studie om hur studenter med funktionshinder upplever sin studiesituation på Högskolan Kristianstad

  • Pehtra Malm
  • Helén Ny

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen



    The purpose of our study was to get a deeper understanding and a better knowledge about the study situation students with disabilities experience at the University of Kristianstad. Our choice was to focus on their experience of the supporting measures, the accessibility and how they felt they were met by both students and teachers. It was a qualitative study and it was based on interviews with eight students with disabilities at the University in Kristianstad. In the study we have used the theoretical concept of empowerment as an analysis tool. The different kinds of support the students with disabilities were using were in common described as positive and the students thought that the supporting measures helped them getting more independent. Certain problems appeared such as accessibility problems to rooms at the university. The students regarded this as a complication on their way to get independent. The result of the study also indicates some lack of understanding amongst the teachers, which has led to maladjusted teaching to them. Our conclusion is that the students with disabilities regards mainly positive at their study situation, but some domains need improvement if the situation should be experienced as equal to other students.


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