En ny förmånsrättslag - en konsekvensanalys

  • Johan Lindberg
  • Matz Nilsson
  • Daniel Ljunggren

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    In the proposition Nya förmånsrättsregler, 2002/03:49, the government suggests a new bill of beneficial rights, or FRL. The proposition has several changes, mostly for The Banking system. One of the changes is that the banks´ individual beneficial rights shall be replaced by a general beneficial right, where the beneficial value never exceeds 55 percent of the value of insurance bonds. Previously, the beneficial value was 100 percent.

    The purpose of this essay is to evaluate the relationship between the banks´ activities, and the new bill of beneficial rights, especially what the effects will become for the public companies within the printing houses, with 1 - 49 employees in the Skåne Region.

    The survey includes a total of 142 companies and it was distributed via e-mail.

    The conclusions from the study are that there are tendencies of increased difficulties for companies to get their credits granted by the banks. The study shows that credits, already granted requires an insurance, which increases the personal risk for the owners of the printing houses. The study can’t point out that companies must look for financial capital from other financial sources, however the findings indicate an increased amount of offers for leasing and/or factoring.


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