Experience of quality of life among women who have undergone breast reconstruction after mastectomy

  • Linus Somsak Johansson
  • Josefin Lindqvist

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    Background: In Sweden around 6500 women suffer each year from breast cancer and during lifetime every tenth women is affected. Mastectomy (removal of part of or the whole breast) is carried out mostly in purpose to remove malign tumours or in prophylactic purpose. The breast can be rebuilt through breast reconstruction. Method: The result analysis was based on nine articles. A Manifest content analysis was used and data from the articles where divided into themes and patterns, on the basis of these categories were created. Aim: The aim of this study was to describe women’s experience of quality of life which has undergone breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Results: The result is presented in categories: psychic, social, physical, body image and sexual. After breast reconstruction women can suffer from psychological, social, physical, body image and sexual dysfunctions. Women’s quality of life after breast reconstruction varies. Women should in right time receive support from medical staff. Body image, body reality and self-image are affected by illness. A good body image can improve self-confidence which can improve quality of life. Conclusion: Participations and awareness can be linked to good quality of life after breast reconstruction. Therefore information is an important foundation stone in the care.


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