Experiences and needs of family members in the end of life care at a nursinghome

  • Sallstrom-Olsson Lena

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: There might be a risk that family members experience limited possibilities to act, participate and influence the end of life care for the elderly in the nursing home. For family members it could be the first time they face death which can imply a lot of questions and existential needs. Aim: The aim of this study was to examine the needs of family members in the patient terminal care in a nursing home. Research methods: The study implemented a qualitative approach and data was collected through four interviews and through a literature review were 17 articles were selected. The results were processed and analysed with a qualitative content analysis and two main categories, participation and assurance with subcategories were identified. Results: Families have a basic need of feeling assured that their elderly relative gets appropriate care in the nursing home. Feeling assurance could be a situation where the family members participate in the end of life care with confidence. The experience of family members is that the situation for feeling participation exist when there is a possibility to make decisions, act as intermediary or representative and be able to take responsibility. The environment that ensures feeling assurance is to feel support, to get insight, to receive information and know that the elderly persons symptoms are under control.


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