Föräldrars erfarenhet av barn med autistic spektrum disorder

  • Therese Brandin
  • Emma Hedström

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The parents of a developmentel disordered child live with much sorrow and anguish. Despite that, they often talk about hope, joy and love for their child. The autistic spectrum disorder includes different stands. Three of them are Autism, Aspergers syndrome and Disintegrative disability. An article overview has been made with the purpose to examine parents experiences of having a child that develops autism or a diagnosis within the autistic spectrum. The articles have been analyzed with a qualitative subject analyze and the authors have structured the result after found themes in the articles. The result shows that an early diagnosis is very important and that the parents receive good and proper support. If they get good support they can handle the situation much better. Parents of these children adapt remarkably over time and they feel mentaly a lot better. There is still a traditional deviation between mothers and fathers in these homes. The mothers are doing most of the practical chores in the home and with the child while the father mostly works. It appears from the study that most of the parents with children within the autistic spectrum have a positive view on life when they had accepted the diagnosis. As nursing staff it is of great importance to take these parents worry seriously. It is also important to understand that mothers and fathers handle the situation differently and with this knowledge give an individual care.


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