Förekomst och lokalisation av gingivala retraktioner hos patinter mellan 20-29 år som behandlas på Tandhygienistprogrammet i Kristianstad

  • Gunilla Giertz
  • Marie Lindgard

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen



    The aim of the study was to examine the prevalence and the location as well as the registration of gingival recessions among patients between 20-29 years of age, who are treated on the Dental Hygienist Programme at the University of Kristianstad. The study was performed as a recording study, where the first page of the base record paper was examined. We examined 295 base records. The result showed that gingival recessions only were registered on 3 % (n=10). Most of the injuries, 53 % (n=157), had been registered as toothbrush trauma. The premolars were the group of teeth who had the highest percent of injuries, 36 %. Our result also showed that it was the buccal surfaces, 58 %, which had the most gingival recessions. There were no registrations on 38 % of the base record papers regarding tooth surfaces. The conclusion of our study is that there are lacks in the recording of gingival recessions and these ought to be improved and refined.


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