Faktorer som bidrar till att göra en arbetsplats hälsofrämjande
: En intervjuundersökning på ett försäkringskassekontor.

  • Anna Dahl Lindqvist
  • Åsa Lausen

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Today we spend a lot of time at our place of work. Changes in the Swedish labour market have caused illness for many people. This has contributed to that many people have been reported sick. The purpose with this study was to investigate and deskribe factors the staff, at a social insurance office, identify as important for health at a place of work. Ten employees at the social insurance office took part in the study. The collecting of data was made with semi-structured interviews. The work up of the material resulted in five different themes. The results showed for example that the participants identified working climate, managementship, participation, access to prophylaxis and ergonomic design of the office, as specifically important factors. Our conclusions are that focus of the health promotion must be put on promoting a good working climate and developing a good managementship. It is important to look at the individual from a comprehensive view.


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