Faktorer som inverkar på prisbildningen inom factoring

  • Rebeca Lindquist
  • Carina Löfvall-Andersson
  • Charlotte Olsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Banks have been some of the biggest operators on the market of business customers financing. When the Swedish Förmånsrättslagen was changed 2004 the banks became more restrictive to allow traditional bank loans. The change made it more difficult for customers to get their loans granted. For that reason customers had to find other forms of financing. Factoring is an alternative that means companies can mortage/sell their claim on customers to finance companies. Factoring as a financing form is considered expensive.

    The essay aims to evaluate different factors which influence pricing in factoring. The information is initially from the Internet and literature. The information we have used has constituted a basis to formulate different hypothesis. Information has then been collected from different finance companies concerning pricing. Three companies are owned by banks and two are detached.

    When testing the hypothesis we can establish some common factors; where interest charge influence on pricing, as well as credit rating and credit appraisal. Besides that, the finance companies mainly seem to refer to the market for the pricing of factoring.


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