Faktorer som påverjar uteblivande och återbud inom tandvården -en enkätstudie

  • Matilda Steinholtz
  • Maria Tyndal

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Non-attendance and cancellations within dental care is a problem resulting in both financial and time consuming losses. The purpose of this questionnaire was to investigate different factors influencing non-attendance and cancellations. Six public and private dental clinics located in Skåne participated. Information about the clinics and patient-related factors were collected. Result: Totally 182 patients cancelling or not attending their appointment were registered. Cancellation the day before an appointment was most common. Private practices had the highest number of failed attendances and cancellations, of which a higher number of cancellations were seen the last day prior to the appointment. Patients 30-65 years old showed the highest number of cancellations/non-attendance. Men were more likely to fail an appointment, and women cancelled more often. Patients who live far from the clinic were more likely to cancel or fail their appointment. Examination was the kind of dental treatment that patients cancelled and failed to attend most often. Discussion: This study focus on some factors which may influence non-attendance and cancellations within dental care. It is however important to keep in mind that cancellation up to the day prior to appointment is legitimate since the clinic then can book another patient.


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