Familjens val -Om familjers fördelning av föräldraledighet
: Families choice -Aboute famelies division of paternity/maternity leave

  • Dan Nilsson
  • Stefan Nyrell

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    The following paper looks into Maternity\Paternity leave and how the parents make use of it. The underlying reasons for the paper, is a pattern of unequal division of leave between the mother and father.

    By using a qualitative in depth interview technique with couples that have children between 2 and 3 years old we have looked for reasons why the decisions, around the division of leave, have been taken, and what factors influence the outcome.

    We have found that great importance is attached to, how, the negotiations are carried out between the parents, although these negotiations are influenced by a series of circumstances where the families economic situation influenced by the employment market are important factors.

    The results from the empiric part of the study showed a link between the childs age and which parent stayed home.

    Furthermore, the results show the families place in relationship to the structure of society also plays an important part in the concluding division of leave.


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