Fosterhemsvård Med fokus på metoder vid utredning av nya familjehem, metoder vid handledning/stöd samt kunskap till blivande familjehem

  • Annika Svensson
  • Britt-Marie Wahlund

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    This is a study of foster homes. The focus is at the methods, used at foster homes evaluations and at guidance/support the foster homes are offered.

    En questionnaire is made in Skåne, on this theme.

    Except that, it contains a fairly lot of useful information for families who are interested in becoming foster home.

    The questionnaire is made among public and private participants who evaluates new foster homes and places children (under 18 years) in Skåne.

    Because of the low answer frequency, we can’t generalize the result of the questionnaire. But the result we have obtained indicates that Kälvestens evaluation method is used frequently.

    In the subject of support/guidance we can’t see any specific methods used. There are similarity in the way our respondents describes there work in practice, like education and guidance in group, house calls, external guidance by experts and support by telephone.


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