Från ett nödvändigt ont, till en naturtyp värd att bevara - en studie av ljungheden i Sandsjöbacka och Grönabur/From a necessary evil to a nature type worth protect - a studie of the Calluna heath of Sandsjöbacka & Grönabur

  • Johan Barrhök

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    In the middle of the 19th century was Calluna heath the major nature type in Halland, but the remaining parts today is only 1 500 hectares which is a 99 % decrease of the Calluna heath mainly due to an increase in forest plantations and arable fields. I have made a quantitative study how the Calluna heath of Grönabur & Sandsjöbacka has changed between 1841 and 2005 and why it didn’t disappear in the same manner, as it did in other parts of Halland.

    The studying of original sources as historical maps, literature and by doing field visits has been significant for the final result. The main reason for the different development of the Calluna heath in the investigation area (69 % decrease), compare to elsewhere in Halland, is the establishment and management of a nature reserve.


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