Grundskolans resurser - för elever med behov av extra stöd

  • Moa Mattsson

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    The aim of this essay has been to increase the knowledge of which resources there are in compulsory school, their function and how they are experienced by teachers and students.

    By individual interviews I have examined teachers experiences of their work with students in need of support in core subjects. I have also examined how students experiences the help that they get and if they want to change anything. In my essay I have concentrated in a few main questions, such as; which resources compulsory school uses, teachers work with students in needs of support in core subjects, the extension of students needs, how students experience the help that they get, how they feel about education in smaller groups and if there are any differences in needs, among students, connected to gender.

    Literature has earlier shown that there are too few resources in compulsory school and that students in need of support doesn’t get the help that they need. This was not confirmed in my study. By my interviews both teachers and students cleared that they were satisfied with the resources/help. Literature has also shown that the lack of resources affects teachers possibility to help all students. This was confirmed in my study. Teachers told me that reductions have been made and that it affected their amount of assignments, but that it yet not was a big problem.

    To sum up I found that all my respondents were quite pleased with the resources of compulsory school. The teachers also told me that they satisfied student needs as far as possible. I also found that all my respondents were hoping that no more reductions would be made, to maintain compulsory schools good work with students.

    Keywords: Students, compulsory school, resources, need, core subjects


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