Hälsoprofilbedömning - en metod för förändring av levnadsvanor?

  • Maria Hamrén-Larsson
  • Sara Kvist

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    It`s important that every person take responsebly for her own lifestyle to promote health.

    Today the individuel often knows the consequense of a certain lifestyle, but she doesn`t know how to change the negative behavior. Health profile assesment (HPA) is a method where you through conversation transfer knowledge and awarness about the member. The healthprofiler also motivate to a healthier lifestyle. Our purpose with this studie was to examine how individuels effects of a health profile assesment also illuminate which part of the health profile assesment the individuels have noticed and which way of living they change. To answer our purpose we used a quantitative transverse study in the way of

    questionnairexamination as we shared to a selection (n=193) on different companies in

    Ostergotland and Scania. Through our result we noticed that the exercisepart was the easiest part to pay attention to and also to make a behaviorchange. Although it was the dietpart that influenced most individules. As a future as healtheducationalist we think that HPA is an efficacy method to support and promote individuels in their habits of living.


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