Här kommer fältarna!En studie om fältarbetares betydelse för ungdomar Here comes the street workers! A study about street workers importance for youths

  • Malin Månsson
  • Marlene Karlsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The purpose of this study is to give us a deeper understanding about street workers importance for youths. We also wanted to investigate this from a gender perspective, both considering the street workers but also the youths. The focus for this study is on both the street workers and the youths.

    The study is based on a qualitative approach. We were going to study people and their behaviors. We chose observations and interviews as our way to collect data. We made observations at four different occasions together with different street workers during their working hours. Six interviews with youths were also made, to get their view on the subject.

    We chose to show the results of this study by presenting our own model on street workers importance for youths and how they can be giving this importance. We have giving our model the name “The Process of Importance”. The model contains of four different phases: presence, curiosity, respect and contact.


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