How do consumers perceive NA-KD's brand image on TikTok?
: A study exploring how social streaming platforms activity builds brand image

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With an increased use of social streaming platforms in recent decades and an increased number of organizations using these platforms as a marketing tool, international business and marketing brings to life a room full of discussions and analyses on consumer experience and buying behaviour. The thesis reflects on the importance of the consumer's perception in the social streaming platforms, mainly on TikTok. The purpose of our research was to explore how social streaming platforms activity builds brand image in the hearts and heads of social streaming consumers. More specifically, the thesis aimed to explore how NA-KD’s brand image is perceived by consumers on TikTok. The research is based on a qualitative case study and the empirical material was gathered from semi structured interviews with consumers. The findings from the interviews show us that the consumers value the social aspect the most, and that social streaming platforms such as TikTok offer more personalized content. The respondents state that TikTok is based on trends and snippets, which is what distinguishes social streaming services such as TikTok from social media platforms such as Facebook. The results indicated that NA-KD's brand image was positive in general and that it did cohere with NA-KD’s marketing strategies for the most part, apart from not being inclusive and promoting diversity.
HandledareIndira Kjellstrand (Handledare), Axel Welinder (Bedömande lärare) & Heléne Tjärnemo (Examinator)


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  • Internationellt företagande och marknadsföring


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  • branding
  • brand image
  • NA-KD
  • social media platforms
  • social streaming platforms
  • TikTok

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