Hur upplever kvinnor med fibromyalgi sin livssituation? - en litteraturstudie

  • Josephine Andersson

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    Background: Fibromyalgia is a psychosomatic disease that emerges without any known cause. For a long time, it has been believed to be a part of the menopause. Between 0,7 and 4,8 % of the women in Scandinavia are diagnosed. The most obvious symptom is pain. Aim: The aim with the literature review was to describe how women with fibromyalgia experience their lifesituation. Method: A systematic literature review has been implemented, containing ten scientific articles. These where reviewed and analyzed according to Forsberg & Wengström (2003). Thereafter the texts were coded and themes emerged which were presented in the results. Results: Women who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia experience they were not believed or taken seriously by their surroundings. This affects relationships negatively. In the families, the women were considered lazy which created feelings of guilt within them. Friends did not understand that they were sick in terms that fibromyalgia can not be seen on the outside. Co-workers showed a lack of understanding and the sick women felt alienated. Not even healthcarepersonel believed the diffuse symptoms. To be able to handle the disease, the women created different copingstrategies. Discussion: It seemed important that diagnoses were made in order to help the women to handle the disease. For nurses to treat patients with respect instead of disbelieve, Kim’s (2000) domains might be a model of interaction to work from.


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