Hur vårdbiträde anställda i en poolgrupp uppfattar sin arbetssituation

  • Jessica Seppänen
  • Eva Weiser

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    This is a qualitative study with the aim to find out how caregivers in a resourcegroup experince their work situation. We wanted to know how they where treated by the ordinary staff and what strains and possibilities they can encounter in their daily work. We used semistructured interviews to answer our questions.

    We found out that the ordinary staff of caregivers always treated the resourcegroup like one of them. A strain that the resourcegroup experienced was the shortage of time which sometimes resulted in that they felt stressful. The resourcegroup work on different floors each day, giving them a chance to see and learn new things. It also means that they are responsible for giving medicine to caretakers that they do not know. They experienced this to be a strain, and when they where unsure they refused giving the elderly their medicine.


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