Hur vuxna med permanent ileostomi upplever sin livskvalitet

  • Linda Kristensson
  • Emma Schär

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Having an ileostomy can affect the quality of life. Quality of life is defined by Siri Naess as being active, relating well to others, having self-esteem and having a basic mood of happiness. The nurse’s task is to focus on the stoma care and work in a holistic way. The aim of the study was to describe how adults with permanent ileostomy experience their quality of life. A literature review was carried out and was built on the results of nine scientific articles which were found in databases and by manual search. The articles were judged for quality and an article overview was made. The result of the study showed that as a whole, persons living with ileostomy experienced good quality of life. Persons with ileostomy experienced that the sexual life was most affected. To make the sexual life and questions about it less taboo the nurse needs to discuss this subject as a natural part in the conversation with the patient. By knowledge and experience the nurse can provide support and advice and create a secure relationship to the person with ileostomy.


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