I väntan på vårt barn - En studie kring kraven och förväntningarna på blivande adoptivföräldrar
: Expect an addition to family - A study about the demands and expectations on the future adoptive parents.

  • Camilla Christiansson
  • Ida Lund

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    To be able to adopt, the future adoptive parents must participate in parental education and have a home investigation done. The home investigation is extensive and great demands are made on the parents. The purpose with this study was to get an insight and understanding in the parents’ thoughts and feelings about the demands and expectations that are made on them during an international adoption. To answer this, we used these questions: Which demands and expectations are made on the future adoptive parents by the home investigator and the parental educator? How do the future adoptive parents experience the demands and expectations that are made on them before an adoption? Does the apprehension about the demands and expectations differ between the future adoptive parents and the home investigator contrary the parental educator? We used a qualitative method, interviewing four couples of parents, one home investigator and one parental educator. The result showed that there are both similarities and differences in the respondents’ apprehensions about the demands and expectations.


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