IDAG OCH IMORGON - En studie av internkommunikationen i en organisation
: / TODAY AND TOMORROW - A study of the internal communication in an organization.

  • Monica Olsson

    Examensarbete: Magisterexamen


    A central question is what view of communication is dominating in a municipality in the southern part of Sweden. The study deals with communication theory from two different perspectives; the view of transmission and the view of creation of meaning. Falkheimer and Heide (2003) claim that the view of transmission is one-way communication where the receivers apprehend passivly. In the view of creation of meaning the goal is to develop and strengthen the common notion that exists in a group.

    Empirical studies were done, that consisted of qualitative interviews with politicians, directors of the municipality, and principals from three childcare and school areas, and also from one upper secondary school. Staff from different schools on different levels answered structural questions from a web inquiry.

    The results are showing that the view of transmission is more common than the view of creation of meaning. The structure in the organization is creating a traditional view of communication, where goals are created and decisions are made on an overarching level. It is important with a strategic plan for the processes of goal steering on every level. If this strategy is going to be useful it is important that both goals and visions are communicated more openly in the whole organization. A strong, shared vision can be helpful to create common values that are necessary for higher understanding and so that everybody will be aware of the goals that the organization is striving for.


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