Invandrarnas integrationsprocess
: - En kvantitativ studie om invandrarnas attityder till sin egen integrationsprocess i det svenska samhället. Immigrants`process of integration. -A quantitative study of immigrants`attitudes to their own process of integrating into Swedish society.

  • Alina Karlsson
  • Nadina Delic

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The goal of our research is to give the general picture of the attitudes of immigrants to their own integration process into the Swedish society, focusing on the feeling of belonging, satisfaction with the social network, as well as confidence in the future. Moreover, in our study, we investigate a possible relation between the attitudes of the immigrants to the above-mentioned variables and their age and education. The research is based on a quantitative questionnaire investigation, which comprises all Sfi students at level D in the northeastern part of Skåne county.

    The research shows that the majority are open to the Swedish culture and traditions, keeping, at the same time, their own native traditions. Four out of five think that the Swedish language is important for integration. The majority of the respondents indicate that they are participating in society and that they are more or less satisfied with their social network. Many think that they have good chances of obtaining a decent education, getting work practice and a job and two out of three look positively at their future.

    Our research has not been able to prove that there is any significant relation between the respondents' attitudes and their age and education.


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