Jämförelse av plackutbredningen under fyra veckor hos individer som kompletterar sin mekaniska tandrengöring med munsköljning innehållande antingen essenslösning eller CPC samt upplevelser av smak och känsla i munnen - en pilotstudie Comparison of plaqueformation during four weeks in individuals who complement their toothbrushing with a mouthrinse containing either essential oils or CPC and their experience of taste and sensation - a pilotstudy

  • Maria Lindstedt
  • Stefanos Simeonidis

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    The aim of this pilotstudy was to compare the plaqueformation during four weeks in individuals using a mouthrinse containing either essential oils (Listerine Cool Mint) or CPC (Colgate Total) as a complement to their ordinary toothbrushing. Another purpose was to evaluate the individual’s experiences regarding taste and sensation in the mouth after rinsing.

    A semiblind, clinical pilotstudy was conducted in 20 individuals at a university in southern Sweden. According to a screening-plaqueindex the individuals were stratified into two intervention-groups of ten people, one group rinsing with essential oils and one group with CPC twice daily as a complement to their toothbrushing routine. At baseline (day 1) individuals received a prophylaxis and were given instructions in how to use the mouthrinse. The intervention substances were handed out by a third person at this time. Plaqueformation was then registered after one, two, three and four weeks using the modified Quigley-Hein (1962) index (Turesky et al. 1970). At the last registration the individuals were given a questionnaire concerning their experiences of taste and sensation. Thirteen individuals completed the study.

    Results showed no statistically significant difference in plaqueformation between individuals rinsing with an essential oil mouthrinse and those rinsing with CPC. The individuals showed a positive attitude towards using a mouthrinse as a complement to their daily oral health routine and could consider to continue using a mouthrinse in the future.


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