Jämförelse mellan två tandvårdskliniker avseende progression och behandling av approximala kariesskador – en journalstudie

  • Anette Hansson
  • Nadja Tångne

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Preventive measurements as well as clinical caries diagnostics are vital to retain a good dental health in the population. In order for optimal caries diagnostics radiographs are used. There is a great intra- and intervariation regarding cariesprogression. A large number of tools for cariesprevention at home or in the clinic are today used. The aim of this journal study was to compare the progression of carieslesions in the approximal area, diagnosed on radiographs, and preventive measures used to reduce cariesprogression between two examine dates on two dental clinics. The study included 60 patients aged 23-30 with a treatment interval of 12-18 months at respective clinic. Results show that there at baseline were fewer approximal carieslesions at the Studerandekliniken than at Näsby FTV. Progression on one or more surfaces where found for 67 % of the individuals at Studerandekliniken compared with 90 % at Näsby FTV. Only a few individuals showed progression on ≥10 surfaces. Several individuals get more than one preventive measure against caries. Professional cleaning was the preventive action most often performed on both clinics. To conclude although the variations in given prevention seen between the two clinics, it is believed that all kinds of prevention may be positive in order to prevent cariesprogression.


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