Kontaktmannaskap inom särskilt boende - i Hässleholms kommun The Contact Person at Sheltered Housing - in the municipal of Hässleholm

  • Jenny Alm
  • Malin Axelsson
  • Louise Dahlman

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    This report is a commission from the Care Unit of Hässleholm municipal. The purpose is to illuminate what is distinguish for contact persons at sheltered housing in the Municipal of Hässleholm? It contains three questions at issue. What are the expectations of the contact men? What information is given? How is communication between the professional categories working out?

    The report also contains a background with a brief Swedish history in care of older people. It talks about the meaning of contact persons and the meaning of quality assurance. It also contains other municipal´s study about this subject. A scientific article is included and also a short information about the Municipal of Hässleholm.

    The method that has been used is a Qualitative method with interviews. The selection of respondents are pensioners, relatives, assistant nurses, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, unit managers, care managers and the Care Unit head manager of the municipal of Hässleholm.


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