Kunskaper, attityder och beteende gällande kost och motion – en enkätundersökning bland elever för vidareutveckling av ett överviktsprojekt i Svedala kommun

  • Sabina Celin
  • Cecilia Karlsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The proportion of overweight children is increasing rapidly in Sweden. International and National goals of public health aim to improve diet and physical activity. Health promotion consists of preventing illness and promoting health. Within the school a well planned health promoting work proceed from students, parents and teachers. The aim of this study was to investigate knowledge, attitudes and behaviour pertaining to diet and physical activity among students from 6th to 9th grade at Klågerupskolan in the community of Svedala. The aim was also to investigate what influences the students dietary habits and physical activity. The objective was to contribute with knowledge to a health project according to overweight in the community of Svedala. The study was carried out through a questionnaire among 157 students. The result showed that more than half of the students ate lunch at school every day. The girls were more anxious than the boys to learn more about diet and physical activity. The boys thought that the number of lessons in physical activity was to few, while the girls found them more adequate. The students had many proposals how to learn more about diet and physical activity and how to encourage more students to eat healthy and exercise more. The responsible persons for the project regarding overweight have to listen more to the students in order to further develop the project.


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