Kvinnors och mäns sexualliv efter förvärvad ryggmärgsskada

  • Ann-Sofie Ek
  • Pontus Karlsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Spinal Cord Injuries impacts sexuality. In a healthcare environment sexual issues are complicated and not allways easy to answer. Purpose: The purpose has been to highlight how the patient experiences sexuality after sustaining spinal cord injury. Method: A literature study through systematic review of scientific articles. Result: Five main categories were identified: Relationship, Physical problems, Emotional experiences, Coping, Counselling and information. During the first period after the injury sexuality was of less importance, but after time information from the nurse according sexual issues became important. Some patients found the information to be inadequate, and some found that the healthcare personal had an asexual attitude towards them. Conclusion: To be able to meet the needs of people with spinal cord injuries the nurse can have great help using the PLISSIT model.


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