Landsbygdens återkomst - mångsysslare i ny produktion
: Löderup och Valleberga socknar om 10 till 15 år

  • Annika Håkansson
  • Eva Ingvarsson
  • Kamilla Persson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The essay on ”The revival of the countryside – a multitalent in landproduction.” focuses on local and regional development within agriculture, foodprocessing and tourism.

    Due to great changes in society, the inhabitants in rural areas are forced to find alternative occupations. Using history as a tool to build up the future is a main factor in rural development. Apart from this it involves cooperation, resources, cultural heritage and values, entrepreneurship and innovation, economic vitality, and an understanding of markets and marketing. They all contribute to a region`s ability to benefit from rural development.


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