LUST ATT LEDA - kvinnligt ledarskap i kommunal äldreomsorg ENJOYABLE LEADERSHIP - female leadership in municipal old-age care

  • Katarina Stoltz
  • Annika Svensson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    This study is about female leadership. The purpose was to gain a better insight to qualities female managers in public sector assume they need to make an enjoyable leadership. We were also interested in finding out what they think is the joy and amusement in the leadership and how they consider responsibility and authority. We used a qualitative method interviewing female leaders at their work. In our analysis of the data we have looked for pattern and key words in a qualitative way. Three groups of subjects emerged: "The choice to lead", "Trait of character" and "Female leadership - responsibility and authority". Theories about roles and a model of demand and control were used as a theoretical framwork. The middle managers in the municipal old-age care are found out to be in an exposed position. To further the enjoyable leadership the female middle managers describes qualities such as good empaty, good self confidence, capacity to nearness and distance to their work, good simultaneous capacity and a personality as an entrepreneur. The female middle managers in this study were aware of their exposed position, although they considered themselves having an inspiring and enjoyable work.


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