Lyckat motivationsarbete ur socialarbetarens perspektiv Succesful client motivation from a social worker point of view

  • Jeanette Mårtensson
  • Petra Granholm

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The purpose of doing this research except for educational reasons is to show significant effects that make motivational work successful. The choice of subject we decided out of experience from the term of practise. The description of the subject is from the social workers angle of approach. The method we used is a qualitative study with semi structured interviews. We have looked at three different fields of social work from the view of six social workers, two from each field. For us, future social workers this may be our next working places. The significant effects on motivational work that the interviews showed us was that successful motivational work are a complicated subject with many areas. For example is it to find in the interaction between social worker and client, the social workers quiet knowledge, the clients willpower or outside affect of the client. Our thought from the results is among other things that the social worker needs to have self knowledge and believe in the client.


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