"Man får vara deras vikarierande pannlob" Möjligheter och svårigheter i omvårdnaden av personer med frontallobsskador vid demenssjukdom/ ”You have to be their deputy frontal lobe” Possibilities and difficulties in nursing care of persons having dementia with frontal lobe dysfunction

  • Ellinor Edfors

    Examensarbete: Magisterexamen


    Nursing care of persons having dementia diseases affecting the frontal lobes, sets special demands on the staff, but the knowledge about how to best tailor nursing care is sparse. The aim of the study was to illuminate possibilities and difficulties in nursing care of persons having dementia diseases with frontal lobe dysfunction and was carried out as a descriptive, qualitative study, based on a review of medical records and interviews with nursing staff (n=10) that was analysed with qualitative content analysis. The difficulties were related to the patients lack of inhibition and judgement, anxiety, agitation, reduced ability to care for physical needs, egocentrism, imbalance between rest and activity, and depressed mood. The possibilities were seen in relation to the nursing staffs professional encounter, characterised by being distinct and consequent, being a step ahead, being flexible and catch the moment, being calm and create a positive atmosphere, being close and trusting and being and doing together. To receive continuous feedback and support was a prerequisite for the staffs’ engagement. The result showed that the nurse patient encounter is of importance to gain a high quality nursing care where each patient, despite illness, is seen as a unique and valuable person.


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