Mobbning i skolan – uppmärksamma, förebygga, motverka Bullying in school - to attend, prevent, counteract

  • Hanna Plado
  • Rebecka Plado

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Previous studies have shown that teachers in school are having an insufficient

    knowledge about the bullying at their own school. These studies are based from pupils point of view at the senior level of the nine-year compulsory school. Based on this literature we became critical and wanted to examine this closer.

    The purpose of this essay was to find out and to examine how the staff in two different senior level of compulsory school notice, prevent and counteract bullying in their daily line of work. With this essay we hope to get the schools attention and understanding about this existing problem.

    We have done a qualitative study using qualitative method for collection of data. We came in contact with two schools that we were able to interview. We made individual interviews with twelve different people that work as occupational staff in two different senior level of compulsory school, in the south of Sweden.

    On the basis of our results, we have notice that the schools have several different and similar preventive measures about the work against bullying.


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