Motionsvanor bland gymnasieflickor - En enkätstudie om motionsvanor samt faktorer som bidrar till regelbunden motion

  • Anna Hedin
  • Sandra Wiberg

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Individuals of today are living in a community that encourages an inactive life. For many individuals exercise is an important part in their life and can be a health factor and contribute to the joy of living. Some environments in the individuals’ everyday life are of supportive character. These supportive environments can make it easier for the individual to make healthier choices. The goal is to examine girls’ exercise habits and the effects of supportive environments for regular exercise. The theoretical points consist of model learning and the Vygotskijs’, Säljös’ and Bourdieus’ theories of learning. Quantitative approach was chosen in form of a questionnaire. The study received the approval of the University of Kristianstad ethical committee. Fifty-two percent of the girls exercised regularly, no significant differences were found between theoretical and practical programs. Many of the girls exercised together. It didn’t matter which exercise activity the girls were participating in. It was also found that in order to keep on with a specific activity, it had to be enjoyable. The girls’ exercise habits were influenced both positively and negatively due to supportive environments. The supportive environments were: family, friends and school. The conclusion is that supportive environments are importent to regular exercise.


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