Några svenskars fritid- En strike för det sociala kapitalet?

  • Martina Wennerberg

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The title of this study came about from the title of Robert Putnams book Bowling Alone, where Putnam mentions that less people are bowling in teams than before. Bowling is still a large leisure activity in the USA but people tend to bowl more and more in small groups and less in organized teams.

    This study deals with social capital and leisure time. Its aim is to find out if some Swedish people create social capital on their leisure time and also how do they spend their leisure time. Robert Putnams book Bowling Alone serves as main background material along with the work by Bo Rothstein. The study also contains statistics from SCB and five interviews have been carried out. The results show that the US and Sweden are different on some points and very similar on others. The social capital is doing quite well on some points and not so good on others. All and all one can say that there is still hope for the social capital.


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