Nursing staffs´ experience of their situation in the work with oral health in persons with psychical disabilities

  • Anna Hirvonen
  • Sara Ryderling

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: The oral health is a problem for many people with psychical disabilities. The reason for that is among other things that the psychical disabilities could do it hard to handle fundamental routines in the everyday life. Aim: The aim of the literature review was to describe how the nursing staff experienced their situation about their work with oral health in persons with psychical disabilities. Method: The study has been done as an overview and the data has been analysed with content analysis. Result: Two head categories were identified; barrier that influence the ability to perform the work with oral health and barrier that influence the performance of the work with oral health. The first head category was connected with the categories; insufficient education, education of significance, failed support from dental staff and failed routines. The second head category was connected with the categories; influence of personal feelings, ethical dilemma and low priority. Conclusions: Insufficient education lead to that oral care was not prioritised and was influenced by personal feelings when the nursing staff lacked knowledge about the meaning of oral health. In other words it is important with more education in oral health and how this can be promoted, which could be made through a development work between nursing staff and dental staff.


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